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Hire Us for Printer and Fax Repair Services in Port Coquitlam and Surrounding Areas

Do you need to repair your printer or fax machine? Turn to 2nd Millennium Printers & Computers for printer and fax repair services in Port Coquitlam, North Vancouver and surrounding areas. We sell toner cartridges for your printers and repair printers and faxes of all makes. We provide on-site services only.


Call us to learn more about our services.

Printer Repair

When your printer takes too long to print or produces blank pages, it’s time for a professional repair service. Old printers of outdated technology constitute a major part of the problem. You need to frequently service your printers to keep them functioning optimally. Some of the most common problems encountered are:

Paper jams

Bad quality prints

No prints

Fax Repair

Your fax machine is a sensitive piece of equipment and a small mechanical issue will cause problems in sending and receiving documents. Problems such as paper jams and communication errors accompanied by strange noises are common. There could be other problems too, such as:

Illegible printing

Phone not answering

Poor image and print quality

Irregular paper pull

Toner Supply

If the toner cartridge is not properly installed, you will get prints with irregular colours and letters. You might receive error messages as well. Call our team to fix your toner problems and reseat the cartridges. We supply both original and compatible toners for your printers and fax machines.


Need to Fix Your Printer?

We fix printers and fax machines of all makes and models.

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